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PREP Registration

Dear Families,

Another PREP year has drawn to a close and what a year it's been! This year has taught us how precious life is, never to be taken for granted. Every day is a gift to make the most of our time with family and friends. Our faith in God has sustained us through these challenging times. This Easter season reminds us of the depth of His love, even to the point of offering His life for us. I pray that the Risen Lord will continue to refresh you with His graces and blessings.

I encourage you to sustain that faith in the Lord especially for your children by praying at home and attending Mass. We have gone to great length for people to worship comfortably and in safety. We have maintained our social distancing policies and the Church is cleaned and sanitized after each Mass. You can also view the Sunday Mass on line if you are not yet comfortable to worship in person.

I can't say enough in gratitude to Mrs. Forkin and our teachers for their creative efforts in bringing our faith lesson home to your children. They have been wonderful witnesses to our faith and we are blessed to have them.

Below you'll find the Prep Registration form and the tuition rates for this coming year, which will be the same as last year. Please note all fees and tuition must be current before registering for the coming year.

Finally, I thank you Parents for your cooperation and understanding throughout the year. Your sacrifices and financial support through your Sunday contributions is deeply appreciated. Gods grace and peace.


Reverend Kevin P. Murray


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